Partner Ecosystem

We partner with an extensive set of leading ecosystem partners to help push the boundaries of what streaming technology can bring to your business.

Business Partners



System integrator based in Miami that understands the fast paced evolution of CATV Industries and how it combines with current and emerging technology. Working together since 2019.

Person in charge: Ricardo Minari



Not only a system integrator, but also a cloud based IPTV / OTT provider for local TV operators and ISP companies. Offering everything form fiber components to SW development. For the last 6 years together with Youcast, has launched a complete OTT platform (in Brazil and Colombia).

Person in charge: Raul Ivo Faller / CEO

Porion digital

Porion-Digital Kft

Partners since 2012 with cooperation on projects like MoviTv, Daarsat, Montage Tv, Fijji, Maldives/Medianet Porion- Digital is a leading system integrator, developer and support company, working closely with European Cable, IPTV and Satellite operators.

Person in charge: Robert Bognar / Senior Project Manager

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