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Some of the key features supported by our OTT/IPTV Apps

  • Offline Playback: download content for offline viewing.
  • Data Saving Mode: optimize data usage for mobile viewers on Android and iOS devices.
  • Advertising Capability: integrate advertising to monetize your content.
  • Push Notifications: engage users with push notifications.
  • QR Login: simplify user login with QR code scanning.
  • Picture-in-Picture: allow users to watch videos in a floating window while using other apps.
  • Live & non-linear Content Playback: seamlessly stream both live broadcasts and static video content.
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: automatically adjust video quality based on network conditions or allow users to select specific video quality.
  • Multi-Audio and Subtitle Tracks: support for multiple audio tracks and subtitle options.
  • User Profiles: create and manage multiple user profiles for personalized viewing experiences.
  • My List: save content for later viewing with a personalized list.

moTV applications ensure that users are always at the forefront of innovation, offering a captivating and interactive platforms for accessing a wide variety of content. Whether streaming movies, TV shows, or live events, our OTT/IPTV applications captivate audiences with their visually stunning interface and cutting-edge technology, setting new standards for excellence in the digital entertainment landscape.

White Label OTT / IPTV Apps

With advanced features for all moTV applications.

Providing unparalleled access to the forefront of modern entertainment at your fingertips.
Explore our selection of cutting-edge OTT/IPTV apps below.


Television and set-top-box OTT/IPTV apps
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moTV applications for television and STB offer several advantages that enhance the viewing experience. moTV's OTT TV & STB apps allow viewers to watch their favorite content whenever and wherever they want, providing flexibility that traditional cable or satellite TV often lacks. Users can access content on-demand, enabling them to tailor their viewing schedules to their preferences right in the comfort of their living room.

Apple iOS

ott/iptv mobile apps
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moTV's OTT cellphone apps redefine convenience and entertainment with cutting-edge features. From offline downloads to personalized recommendations, our apps offer seamless access to the latest movies, TV shows, music, and VODs. With intuitive interfaces and multi-device syncing, users enjoy a tailored experience like never before. Whether streaming or catching up on favorite content, our innovative apps deliver unparalleled convenience and entertainment at the touch of a screen.

Web portal

ott web browser app
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Enjoy seamless access to the latest movies, TV shows, music, and VODs with features like recordings and personalized recommendations. With intuitive interfaces and tailored experience unlike any other. Whether you're streaming or catching up on your favorite content.

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