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Everything you need to build successful OTT business.

OTT / IPTV / DVB / Hybrid - Ccomplete OTT/IPTV solution.

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Complete OTT/IPTV ecosystem from just one supplier.

All OTT/IPTV technology, tools & insights for streaming TV.     You'll ♡ it!

The same experience
Across all devices

All parts of our solution are developed in-house, which saves you a lot of time and cuts the necessary processing steps to a minimum.

Therefore, we are very flexible when dealing with your needs and able to bring you a tailor-made solution for a great price.

Detailed business view ▾

Video Monetization

You can set the system multiple ways, so it exactly fits your business model.

We support FTA channels, Pay TV channels, VOD, SVOD, TVOD, AVOD monetization with options like PPV and much more.

Hospitality OTT solution

In cooperation with our partner GoTvee we are able to provide a full professional hospitality solution. This solution is ideal upgrade for all hotels and hospitals. Connect your PMS to our system and enjoy all the integrated features like welcome messages for guests, room servise in the STB Menu, experience packages, hotel / hospital information, schedule plans and much more.

Advertising Possibilities

With an integrated advertising solution you can insert your own advert or use video player biddings VAST / VPAID / VMAP. We are also Google certified for IMA integration. Third party API is also supported.

Monetize both Live and On-Demand Video.


All of your apps will be branded with your logo and colors.

We'll customize your user experience as much as possible to fit your style.

Launch a fully branded Audio/Video streaming platform with customizable features.

With our fully customizable Whitelabel OTT/IPTV solution it's easy to grow your brand awareness at a low cost.


Data-driven Video Marketing Tools.

With detailed statistics and direct feedback.

Deliver perfect solution for your customers.

Real-Time Analytics

  • Understand viewing habits, revenue, subscription details & more…
  • Publish videos simultaneously on social platforms
  • Take control of your secure online video platform's analytical data to track, analyze, and get hold of calculated decision-making
  • Grow your target base with real-time analytical data and marketing tools in built-in moTV middleware solution that meets excellence
  • Manage metadata for all video & audio streams
  • Measure your entire streaming business performance under an all-inclusive dynamic dashboard
  • Recommendation engine to engage with relevant content
  • Replace old videos with new ones by keeping original source
  • Track audience behaviors, viewed minutes, locations & more…
  • Rich dashboard data collected from all connected devices (STB, mobile, tablet or PC)

Customise your own monetization models, so you can make smart and effective decisions to drive better ROI.

Distribution & Video Delivery

Our in house developed packaged and CDN software ensures that all of the data is not only encrypted, but promptly delivered to the customer devices.

With adaptive bitrate, the distribution will adapt to your existing network.

Our Hybrid solution also allows you to combine Broadcast, Multicast and Unicast.

3rd party CDN's like Cloud Flair, Akamai, Google, etc. can be connected to the system for better optimization of distribution.

Low Latency
(comparable to DVB-T2 and satellite DVB-S2)

Streaming Opportunities

  • Live Linear
  • Webcasting
  • Simulcasting
  • Live to VOD
  • Interactive Streaming
  • Mobile Broadcasting

Streaming Protocols

  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • Low-latency HLS
  • Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)
  • Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH)
  • Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
  • Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP)

We make it extremely easy to stream content to your audience, so you can focus on growing your business.


All of our streams are DRM protected.

As a Google Widevine and Apple Fairplay partner we provide a built-in DRM tool directly in the transcoder.

Our brand is known via content providers, so getting the rights should be very easy.

(Google Widevine & Apple FairPlay)

  • Restricted Access Control
  • Geo-blocking
  • Dynamic Watermarks
  • Screenshot Prevention
  • Access Control
  • Payment integration
  • Password Protection
  • Advanced SSL Certification
  • Parental Control
  • Restrict Simultaneous Logins

moTV in default supports DRM (Google Widevine & Apple FairPlay).

Content & Subscriber Management System

CMS with the most cost-effective way to develop an OTT video platform.

Mixture of both live channels and on-demand media.

SMS with 3rd party payment extension.

EPG - Electronic Program Guide.

Content Management System (CMS)

  • Live streaming to VOD (same as nPVR)
  • Video collection (create playlists, chapters, or organise videos in a series by episodes)
  • Encoding & Transcoding
  • Multi-Bitrate HD Encoding
  • Per-title Encoding
  • Transmuxing
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR)
  • HLS & Dash Adaptive
  • Multiple Formats & Codecs
  • All Device Player
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • DRM & Security
  • Resume watching
  • Subtitles & Closed Captioning
  • Set a release date for videos or collections, and publish them automatically on the chosen date
  • Add an expiration date, and your videos and collections will automatically be set to unpublished, removing them from your catalog
  • Mobile & TV Apps
  • Bulk Upload
  • Easy Drag and Drop
  • Video & Audio Scheduling
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Content Partner Portal

Subscriber Management System (SMS)

Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience in the pay-TV sector and can range from a simple billing solution to full CRM, as well as other related products like EPG, OTA or Wi-Fi solutions.

With very close cooperation with JACON Co. we have a comprehensive and professional subscriber management system that is fully integrated with our IPTV / OTT platform. JACON's tailored made end-to-end solutions are developed together with our customers and based on their requirements and demands.

Upload, Organize & Manage
Your On Demand & Live Content
With Centralized OTT Video CMS.

Technical support

We provide regular training and operational support for all of our customers.

With years of experience we're able to provide 24/7 quick response and professional assistance support based worldwide.

Scalable technology

Our system is fully scalable.

Allows operators to choose the right growth strategy.

moTV solution is for everyone.

Whether you have 1 000 or 500 000 customers, the system adapts to your needs and grows with you.

Our adaptable products/solutions and flexible pricing models allow you to scale up and down as the needs of your business evolve.

Smarter pricing, only pay for what you need!

Complete end-to-end IPTV solution

Focusing on helping you set the system up according to your needs.

From installation, training and operation, we will be there to support you.

With years of experience we happily share knowledge across customers.

We deliver a complete IPTV/OTT solution

Without needing to obtain anything from third party vendors. Which eliminates any middle steps and helps us optimize the performance and efficiency of your business. With moTV, you'll get technical and software infrastructure including installation, implementation, and maintenance.

moTV complete end-to-end OTT/IPTV solution integrates all necessary components for delivering high-quality video content over IP networks. It includes content acquisition, encoding, and transcoding, managed through a robust middleware platform for seamless delivery to various devices. User management, billing, and analytics tools enhance efficiency and personalization, while security measures like DRM and content encryption protect media assets. This turnkey solution simplifies deployment and management, allowing service providers to focus on delivering exceptional content and services to their customers.

Fast deployment without issues.
Launch your OTT Platform instantly.


Can I get a complete OTT/IPTV solution from you?

Is it possible to select specific modules?
Certainly! Below, we’ve provided a few illustrative examples.

Can I only get applications from you?

Can I only get Middleware, DRM, Storage and SMS?

Can I only get Transcoding?

I'd like to know more.  Ask Us

Detailed technical view ▾


Video sources: Live stream from Satelite, Cable and Terrestrial, SDI, VOD, etc.

We expect the following inputs:

Multicast, HLS, RTMP in SPTS/MPTS, SDI

We can help you with required IRDs and other 3rd party hardware.
We support all industry standard formats.


It’s important to note that the storage requirements for an OTT platform can vary depending on the specific needs of your platform. The storage size depends on the content size.

Storage configuration depends on multiple factors, such as - CatchUp, Timeshift and VOD.

Content can be stored locally or in the cloud.


Transcoding is critical to video streaming because it helps accommodate different devices and playback methods, improves video quality, and allows customization of video settings.

In an OTT transcoding workflow, the video is reformatted so that any device can recognize and interpret the data. The video is then re-encoded into different formats for playback on other devices.

The transcoding workflow for OTT streaming involves the following steps:

Input Stages: Upload encoded content, create a pipeline in the encoder specifying the input source (encoder output) & output destination, set the necessary permissions to access the video output, create a job, and add security inputs.

Supported input formats: Multicast, HLS, RTMP in SPTS/MPTS, SDI.

Output: content is delivered in ABR mode.

Content can be played through our MW in the following ways:

Multicast: MW points the STB to the multicast stream.

Generated copy: MW generates a copy of the original multicast stream and plays it.

Unicast: MW packages content in DASH or HLS format with multiple codecs with multiple DRMs (Clear, Widevine, Fairplay) and plays it.

Simple HTTP: MW points the apps to the simple HTTP stream.


IPTV analytics is a crucial aspect of IPTV streaming services. It provides insights into the performance of the IPTV service, including the quality of the video stream, the number of viewers, and the overall user experience.

OTT Analytics helps you make smarter decisions about content choices, revenue generation, and technical advancements.

moTV provide a powerful software-based analyzer designed to quickly and easily perform pass/fail verification of IPTV installations. It can emulate a set-top box and display a real-time video preview, allowing technicians to determine video and audio quality before any other equipment is installed.

It also provides statistics and reports on various aspects of your IPTV/OTT network, along with comprehensive server usage analysis and live performance monitoring.

Key aspects of OTT analytics

  • Content Performance
  • Revenue
  • Technical statistics
  • Improve User Experience
  • Identify your audience's choices
  • Improve app performance
  • Identify the content that works

Take every advantage of our detailed analytics dashboard.


moTV Middleware is your all-in-one software for complete management of your content, customers, subscriptions, packages, services, billing and more of your IPTV/OTT service. Get statistics and reports on various aspects of your IPTV/OTT network, along with comprehensive server usage analysis and live performance monitoring.

MW management
(middleware options)


  • Channels
  • EPG
  • Monitoring
  • MMC (mosaic)
  • Categories
  • DVB Regions
  • VODs


  • Homescreen
  • Campaigns
  • Ad units


  • Homepages
  • Playlists
  • Cast
  • Genres
  • Categories


  • Templates
  • System
  • OTA
  • Log
  • Stream recording
  • App manager
  • Changelog
  • Recognition
  • Push messages
  • Polls


  • Config
  • Roles
  • Users
  • Rights
  • Apps
  • Packages
  • Reports
  • Transcoders
  • Edges
  • Vendors
  • Providers
  • Storages
  • Translator
  • Servers


  • Recommendation engine
  • EPG
  • Advertizing
  • Locked channels
  • VODs
  • Payment integration
  • API
  • SMS
  • Applications

Easy VOD automated ingestion.

DRM / MultiDRM

Digital Rights Management is a technology used to protect digital content from unauthorized access and distribution. In the context of OTT/IPTV, DRM is used to protect content delivered over the Internet from unauthorized copying or distribution.

  • Prevent or restrict users from editing or saving, sharing or forwarding, printing, or taking screenshots or screengrabs of their content or products.
  • Set expiration dates on media that prevent users from accessing it after that date or limit the number of times they can access it.
  • Restrict access to media to certain devices, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, or locations (such as limiting content to only people within the United States).

By default, we support the most commonly used Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay.


A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed network of servers that caches and delivers content to users. CDNs can be chained together to create a multi-layered or multi-level system that improves the performance, reliability, and scalability.

OTT CDN works by caching content on servers that are geographically closer to the user. When a user requests content, the CDN automatically routes the request to the server closest to the user, reducing the distance the data has to travel and minimizing latency. This results in faster load times and a better user experience.

It's possible to use our CDN with any other CDN provider both locally or cloud, based on connectivity and availability.


The API for connecting your SMS and the basic version is already part of the system.

We can also ensure payment gateway integration.

  • Define and manage subscription plans
  • Manage pricing for subscription packages, as well as discounts and special offers
  • Allow users to create custom plans, bundles, and multi-year arrangements
  • Track sales and revenue generated by subscription products
  • Manage renewals, cancelations and other changes to subscriptions
  • Identify new sales opportunities such as up-sell and cross-sell
  • Store customer information, including billing, contracts, and payments
  • Accept automatic payments from multiple payment methods


iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, RDK, TIZEN, WebOS, Chromcast

Our Apps support - OTT, Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast

Multicast: this method is only supported on STBs with an Ethernet connection in closed network.

Unicast: this method is supported on all applications.

Broadcast: this method is only supported on STBs with a coaxial and internet connection.

Some of the key supported features

  • Live & static content playback
  • Adaptive bitrate or specific video quality selection
  • Multiple audio & subtitles tracks
  • Multiple user profiles
  • My list (save content for later viewing)
  • Download content for offline playback
  • Data Saving Mode (optimize data usage for mobile viewers: Android & iOS only)
  • Advertising posibility
  • Push notifications
  • QR LogIn
  • Picture-in-Picture

Our apps are modern and up-to-date, with UX & UI in mind.

Our Solution is Legal,
Fast & Easy to use!