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Meet Professional Leaders at CABSAT 2023

May 2, 2023by

Industry leaders guide your creative content journey with hands-on technical learning on 16-18 May 2023 at Dubai World Trade Centre. Main sections: CONTENT CREATIONPRODUCTION & BROADCASTSATELLITE & DISTRIBUTION.

Come to see inspiring speakers, groundbreaking mentors, and revolutionary startups.

Nab Show 2023

Meet Us at APTC 2023

Apr. 21, 2023by

How innovation and technology are transforming the telecommunications industry.

Join our team at the 2023 APTC Show, schedule meeting with Lorena via email right now ✎ Send message.


Let’s connect at the 2023 NAB Show!

Apr. 12, 2023by

The 2023 NAB Show Centennial will be the pinnacle for all in the global broadcast, media and entertainment industry.

Join our team at the 2023 NAB Show, schedule meeting with Radim via email right now ✎ Send message.

Nab Show 2023


Jan 23, 2023by

Visit us in Cartagena during the Andinalink show from 6. 3. till 9. 3. 2023. Are you interested in a full IPTV / OTT platform come and have a chat with us. We will gladly show you our Complete Eco System with local content and advanced monitoring. If you are an ISP and don’t have content - don’t worry, together with our partner Youcast we are able to provide a full solution including Colombian local content. Come to see us on stand L37 and we will tell you how fast you can have your own applications up and running.


Come talk to me in Nextv CEO / Africa

Aug 15, 2022by

Monetising original content via OTT platforms.

  • Which streaming models are the most adapted to African video consumption?
  • Nollywood content producers going into ITT
  • Monetisation strategies: can free, premium and hybrid services grow alongside?

See you at IBC 2022

Jun 24, 2022by

Let's meet up at the global crossroads of the media, entertainment and technology industries. We'll be at IBC 2022, the place where you'll find the best in content and technology.


Let's meet in Cartagena

Feb 09, 2022by

Would you like to know more about our solution? Take advantage of this unique opportunity to visit us in Colombia this year. Our team is looking forward to seeing you at our booth n. 66!


Background playback

Jan 26, 2022by

Offer your viewers something more!

Background playback and PIP feature allow viewers to play video or listen to the radio even when they minimize the OTT application. We have also updated the UI to separate TV channels and radio channels.



Enjoy our new Apple TV application

Nov 24, 2021by

We're proud to present brand new application for AppleTV. We have developed this application according to all the new Apple standards. With this application, you will notice fast channel zapping, more intuitive control and better coordination.

Since AppleTV only supports FairPlay and we do understand the importance of securing content using DRM, so we've integrated it with Apple FairPlay.



Push notification

Sep 18, 2020by

Inform your customer with any kind of message or simply help the customer with his device troubleshooting remotely.

Push notifications offers you these types of services:

  • Notification
  • On video message
  • ATV restart
  • Customer logout
  • Channel switch
  • Firmware update
  • Clear device cache
  • On video fingerprint

Multi-vendor service

Jan 02, 2020by

Cloud service to other partners, who are interested to offer their customers Pay-TV with all the features you have.

Multi-vendor service offers:

  • own branding of apps and web-TV portal
  • own channels packages for customers
  • own VOD packages for customers
  • own pricing per packages
  • own dashboard with analytics
  • integration of own payment method
  • own limitation of unicast per package/platform by given resolution (SD, HD, UHD1, UHD2)
  • own nPVR length, length of Timeshift, apps on stb, bundled with packages

The platform is fully extendable as you grow!

Multi vendor flow chart for OTT providers


Add advertisement to your live channels

Aug 21, 2019by

moTV advert plug-in ingests targeted advertisement across all platforms in web TV / STB / Android, iOS app anytime and anywhere. Ui management of this plug-in is through the web browser for the PAY TV OPERATOR AS well as for advertising agency.

Business model is based on revenue share.

Upload Advert videos

  • variable length
  • up to 1080p
  • aspect ratio 16:9 or variable
  • mp4 container format

Upload static image

  • 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • png format

Set metadata

  • set desired maximum impresion count
  • set interval for ad validity (from / to)
  • set exact time to show ad in live or VOD channels

Targeted Ads (according to SMS)

  • per user profile
  • per user behavior

Insert Google Ads

  • before any standard content
  • or at any content pause

Playback of the Ads is un-skippable


Recommendation / Discovery of new content tailored to the viewer's interests

Aug 15, 2019by

Advanced content discovery and recommendation solution, delivers personalized content based on your user's interests and viewing habits.

The system collects relevant data about customer's assets, users, and business requirements and in return delivers metadata enrichment, personalization, and data analytics services.

Key functionalities:

  • delivers advanced search, recommendations, content discovery and personalization of linear TV, VoD, Catch-UP and 3rd party services
  • learns and builds user profiles faster and more accurate than any other solutions
  • data processing and personalization across any type of digital media
  • delivers rich and unified metadata across multiple data sources
  • delivers highly personalized user experience and therefore increases revenues as well as consumer loyalty and satisfaction

Recommendation engine delivers personalization in real time through a single moTV API. It can be delivered as a cloud service or as a software for local (on-site) installations or a combination of both.

recommendation and discovery engine

VOD (video on demand)

Jun 22, 2019by

Video on Demand (Vod) allows users to watch video content of their choice whenever they want, rather than at scheduled broadcast time. VoD can be offered as a stand-alone app with the possible extension for live TV and vice versa.

Operators can:

  • create VoD, (upload movies, set name, description, actors, select quality of streaming…)
  • create different packages and set the price
  • instant movies update in the packages

Customers can choose the packages on websites.


Complete analytics for operators

May 18, 2019by

The moTV platform provides various analytics for pay TV provider to collect statistics across all devices running on the platform and display in the MW on the dashboard with the possible download.

Between most used statistics to collect and display in the dashboard screen are most watched content, device distribution and content distribution and its time period.

These statistics are set by default in the MW dashboard and they bring highly valuable informations from all devices.

* Other statistics can be set upon request by pay TV providers.

recommendation and discovery engine

See multiple channels on one screen

Mar 22, 2019by

Mozaic provide great source of channel monitoring for operators.

Mozaic can be:

  • 2x2 channels
  • 3x3 channels
  • 5x5 channels

HW requirements: 2x mosaic 3x3 on Nvidia quadro P 5000