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about Monetising original content via OTT platforms. Which streaming models are the most adapted to African video consumption? Nollywood content producers going into ITT Monetisation strategies: can free, premium and hybrid services grow alongside?

Background playback

Offer your viewers something more! Background playback and PIP feature allow viewers to play video or listen to the radio even when they minimize the OTT application. We have also updated the UI to separate TV channels and radio channels.

Push notification

Inform your customer with any kind of message or simply help the customer with his device troubleshooting remotely. Push notifications offer you these types of services: Notification – classic notification with possibility to insert a link or image, operator can set normal or high priority.… Read More »Push notification

Multi-vendor service

Cloud service to other partners, who are interested to offer their customers Pay-TV with all features as you have your own. Multi-vendor service offers: own branding of apps and web-TV portal own channels packages for customers own VOD packages for customers own pricing per packages… Read More »Multi-vendor service

Recommendation – Discovery of New content according to the viewer’s tastes

Advanced content discovery and recommendation solution, delivering your content personalized to your user’s tastes, social graphs and viewing habits. The system collects relevant data about customer’s assets, users, and business requirements and in return delivers metadata enrichment, personalization, and data analytics services. Recommendation engine delivers… Read More »Recommendation – Discovery of New content according to the viewer’s tastes


Video on Demand (Vod) allows users to watch video content of their choice whenever they want, rather than at scheduled broadcast time. VoD can be offered as a stand-alone app with the possible extension for live TV and vice versa. Operators can: create VoD, (upload… Read More »VoD