Let’s meet at the 2023 NAB Show!

And discuss how moTV.eu can help you develop and enhance your backends & frontends for streaming platforms.

moTV solutions for TV operators and ISP's

We are very excited to announce that we will be showcasing our platform at TiViCon's stand at the NAB show 2023 in Las Vegas. We invite you to come and see how TiViCon's Pay TV Dongle and MoTV's platform work together seamlessly to deliver an unparalleled OTT experience for viewers.

"We have been present in the region for more than 6 years," said Radim Beňovský, VP of Sales and Commercial Development at moTV , in dialogue with the press . 'We work very closely with Youcast in Brazil and Colombia. With more than 2.5 million subscribers in the LATAM region, we feel very strong and confident that our product is the right solution for TV operators and ISPs'.

'We also work with Neobroadband from Miami. As a system integrator for LATAM, we can offer not only SW for our solution, but also HW + support'.

Beňovský further stated: ' We have offices in India, Africa, Europe and LATAM. We visit all the important trade shows like AndinaLink, NextTV, Convergence Asia, NAB, IBC and some local fairs. We also visit our existing and potential customers to better understand their market and share ideas on how to help their business grow.'

'Our system is fully scalable. This gives us the advantage of being able to work with operators that are starting as a green field project up to level 1 clients,' the executive noted.

'We provide the complete ecosystem and we have internal development, the complete solution is provided by us. This makes it affordable without the need to pay third parties. We offer everything from transcoding, storage, distribution, and applications. All you need is the source of the channels and we'll take care of the rest.'

'When it comes to compatible devices, we can offer Android, AndroidTV, iOS, tvOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung, LG, STB RDK and WEB player. When it comes to support, we have a support office in Honduras that covers the LATAM region,' highlighted Beňovský.

NAB show 2023

Services for operators and broadcasters

'We offer a complete end-to-end hybrid IPTV/OTT solution. We also support streaming, so for existing operators we can deliver hybrid STBs that can use streaming or multicast for live channels while supporting all the features of an OTT platform via unicast. The user doesn't see any difference as everything works from one UI and the system automatically recognizes which input to use.'

Moving forward with a fully cloud solution is very expensive in terms of the cost of bandwidth. 'That's why we recommend an on-premises solution, where bandwidth is managed by local distribution or partners. It is possible to have the MW and the database in the cloud while having the transcoders and CDNs in the headend. This will save a lot of resources,' explained the moTV executive.

In addition to the standard OTT and IPTV features, 'we offer our own recommendation engine which is also fully customizable. You can also use the direct mail module and push notifications to interact with your customers. The servers are continuously monitored and collect data and this provides us with a wide range of statistics. These statistics can be used for marketing and planning.'

Work focused on Latin America

'We feel now is the right time to start monetizing OTT in local LATAM markets. With the TV industry moving very quickly, now is a good time to introduce OTT to customers looking for local content on second screen devices,' Beňovský said.

"In addition, features like timeshift and catchup combined with our recommendation engine turn standard live TV into a VOD database of the right content delivered to customers."

Finally Beňovský expressed: 'Please contact us and we will provide a demo account so you can test our solution. We can also give a presentation of our MW where we'll show you how easy it is to set everything up.'

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