Recommendation – Discovery of New content according to the viewer’s tastes

Advanced content discovery and recommendation solution, delivering your content personalized to your user’s tastes, social graphs and viewing habits.

The system collects relevant data about customer’s assets, users, and business requirements and in return delivers metadata enrichment, personalization, and data analytics services.

Recommendation engine delivers personalization in real time and through a single, moTV API. It can be delivered as a cloud service or as a software for local, on-site installations or a combination of both.

Key functionalities:

  • delivers advanced search, recommendations, content discovery and personalization of linear TV, VoD, Catch-UP and 3rd party services
  • learns and builds user profiles faster and more accurate than any other solutions
  • handles and personalizes across any type of digital media
  • delivers rich and unified metadata across multiple data sources
  • delivers highly personalized user experience and increases revenues as well as consumer loyalty and satisfaction rates